SolomonEdwards Welcomes Senior Advisor Tina Rosenblum

January 23rd, 2017 - SolomonEdwards' San Francisco branch is delighted to welcome Tina Rosenblum as a Senior Advisor in our Communications practice. Tina has been a fantastic project consultant for us over the past year and brings a credentialed pedigree of senior consulting, academic and industry expertise.  Tina has a PhD in cognitive Psychology and, while doing her dissertation, she began doing some adjunct teaching which lead her into the communications consulting field. She "has never looked back."  

Tina is a thought leader in corporate communications metrics and measurement and is passionate about using analytics to measure success in communications. Her communications philosophy is that you need to "strip away as many words as possible" so that people can "soak up" the ideas while you map the business language to these ideas. 

Tina has actively worked or consulted in a variety of industries, including high tech, non-profits, pharmaceutical, academic, telecommunications, consumer products, consulting, retail, manufacturing, and more. The secret to her success is being someone who solves problems thoughtfully, brings compassion to work, maintains perspective, and has a good sense of humor. Tina’s deep knowledge of strategic planning, team/leadership meeting planning and facilitation, leadership coaching, and corporate communication will be an invaluable asset to us in 2017. 

Tina is a ‘bi-coastal’ personality who still loves her New Jersey roots while living in Palo Alto full time with her husband, Jay and their Labradoodle pooch, Ollie. Although her favorite book is a dictionary, her favorite movies are Animal House and This is Spinal Tap! An amateur cook and an accomplished baker, she describes her real passion as golf. Asked about her success on the greens, she turned towards metrics and measurement and promised to keep at it until her handicap is in the single digits. As you might guess, she does not have far to go.

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